Kehräämö Mustalammas, in English The Blacksheep Spinning Mill, is in Pori, Kahaluoto. You can find us in the middle of fields, birds and river delta.

We buy lamb wool straight from sheep farms. At The Blacksheep Spinning Mill we wash and dye the wool by ourselves. There are two old and beautifull carding machines – both Polish, dating from the turn of the 19th century into the 20th. The wool is carded two times to make the fibres unidirectional, to clean wool of trashes and to give it even colouring. Twice carded wool can be used for needle- and wetfelting and for example as a filling for pillows and dolls or teddies.

Felting machine

The felting machine felts carpets, scarfs, rugs and other bigger felts.